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Caffesso Aromatico

Caffesso Aromatico

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Same Great Coffee - Same Retail Box - But Now In A Pod Made From Plants - The All New Caffesso Range Are 100% Biodegradable and Compostable - 100% Nespresso compatible - 10 Capsule Pack.

This dark, rich, well-balanced, Southern Italian style espresso boasts a distinctive chocolaty full body and aromatic character in its blend of South and Central American coffees. Medium roasted, Aromatico's blend of Arabica and Robusta results in a long-lasting yet subtle bouquet.

Recommended milk recipes: Add hot milk to 1 or 2 shots of Aromatico to make French style Café au Lait or Spanish style Café con Leche in a 110ml cup. Add steamed milk to a single shot to make a Caffè Latte in a 110ml cup. Or add frothed milk to create a Cappuccino in a 75ml cup.

25% Arabica; 75% Robusta; Countries of Origin: Indonesia, Uganda, India.

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